What will customers think about your
new product? digital branding? new e-commerce? customer care? new sales strategy?

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Discover it with dedicated researchers, avoid ineffective choices, and boost performance

Sensify anticipates and monitors the needs of your target segments over time, to offer you qualitative information that ensures and enhances your projects, more than market statistics.

With Sensify's immediately applicable insights, you can

Validate your ideas before implementing them
Reinforce initiated projects
Support strategic and operational decisions
Use real information to design and plan
Improve customer experience
Stay tuned to the needs of your target
Who we serve

We bring qualitative, exclusive and up-to-date knowledge about the target to marketers and companies, to stimulate decisions and results.

Marketing and Communication

More certainty and value for your projects and the customer experience

Business Strategy

The effectiveness of insights in guiding strategic decisions


New knowledge to optimize sales across all your distribution and sales channels

Product and R&D

Objective insights to conceive, validate, and develop your distinctive offering

Customer care

Updated levers to enhance after-sales service and customer care
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Dual application level

Sensify's cyclical insights guarantee support for strategic decisions and operational choices
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Customer centricity

You can share insights across different business areas and with key suppliers for an increasingly integrated customer-centric view

More powerful. Sensify provides more comprehensive, real, and predictive information than any survey or statistic.

This is because Sensify is based on qualitative research techniques such as in-depth interviews, focus groups, and ethnography. We engage extensively with each individual in the sample, thoroughly analyzing their input in its entirety, following a holistic approach. We study reality in its true and future extent.


We support companies in all sectors, from primary to secondary and tertiary industries.

Fashion & Beauty
Wellness & Sport
Insurance & Legal
Tech & Machinery
Publishing & Media
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We have made high-quality research accessible.

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Enjoy up-to-date insights and the freedom to cancel whenever you want.

Transparency and flexibility

Two plans with clear rates to cover every need.
Informed decisions

The use of information from external and neutral researchers enhances objectivity, thus increasing the effectiveness of your decisions.

Insights lead to effective decisions only when they are unbiased. That is why insights cannot come from internal sources or consultants and suppliers involved in the projects. These individuals are influenced by the company's internal perspective. Moreover, interviewees do not perceive them with neutrality. It is necessary to integrate internal information with insights from external and neutral researchers, such as the professionals at Sensify.
Benefits of customer experience

According to experts, only insights from qualitative research allow the improvement of the customer journey.

Web analytics numbers and KPIs are superficial warning signs; they do not explain the reasons why. They rely on historical data and are unsuitable for predictive use. That is why the scientific literature on customer and user experience and service design prioritizes the use of qualitative techniques like those offered by Sensify. These techniques are the only ones capable of providing information on evolving customer and market motivations, emotions, and reasoning.

Expert listening
becomes your winning asset

Marketers and companies that believe in a deep relationship with their targets and choose to grow in harmony with their needs are more successful, longer. Professional and objective target listening is the first step.
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Sensify and linguistic inclusiveness
We believe in the values that inspire linguistic inclusiveness and we are convinced that it is essential for all people to feel represented with fair words. However, we are also aware that the current debate is an evolving process. For this reason, at the moment, on some website pages we still use the overextended masculine form while on others there are formulas more in line with some outcomes of the collective reflection on the topic. We will continue to closely follow the evolutions of language to arrive at an increasingly precise, uniform and respectful solution.