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The field of research for businesses is one of the most fascinating and growing sectors, at the intersection of marketing and social sciences. Within this field, Sensify operates as a leader and innovator in the cyclical qualitative approach. Our dedication to our clients also translates into our commitment to providing a unique environment for the people who collaborate with us, offering the opportunity to balance remote work with the pleasure of interacting with other professionals in the team. This blend combines individual work-life balance with the qualitative growth of the entire team.

The individuals who work with us possess strong interpersonal skills and effective communication abilities. They engage directly with clients and colleagues. They are curious, detail-oriented, responsible, and results-driven. They hold a higher education degree, preferably a bachelor's degree or higher. They come from various disciplines, such as humanities, sociology, psychology, economics, marketing, political science, media studies, philosophy, and more. They have a good command of certified English. They have completed our training and participate in our professional development events.

Many have prior experience in marketing, digital, or service design and were seeking a solid project to further their expertise. Some start with us and grow alongside Sensify. Some work with us as freelancers, while others become permanent members of our staff. All of them believe that Sensify and research can help a large number of businesses grow and mature in the right directions, thereby improving the lives of all of us. This is our "why" that guides us and makes our mission special.

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Sensify and linguistic inclusiveness
We believe in the values that inspire linguistic inclusiveness and we are convinced that it is essential for all people to feel represented with fair words. However, we are also aware that the current debate is an evolving process. For this reason, at the moment, on some website pages we still use the overextended masculine form while on others there are formulas more in line with some outcomes of the collective reflection on the topic. We will continue to closely follow the evolutions of language to arrive at an increasingly precise, uniform and respectful solution.