Exclusive insights to guide your challenges

With up-to-date information on the needs and thoughts of your target customers, you can better steer the decisions of your team and those that involve all customer-involved areas of your company.
Marketing and communication

Always aim for the heart of your market

Professional marketing that achieves maximum results starts with expert, objective listening to your target customer and their changes. This is what our accessible, up-to-date research insights guarantee.
For all marketers, marketing managers (CMOs), brand managers, customer experience officers (CXOs), digital content and social media managers, service designers, consultants and agencies

Activities reinforced by insights

Strategic marketing
Marketing mix and target segmentation
Operational plan
Definition and development of promotional channels
CX (Customer Experience)
Customer journey and buyer personas
Social media
Organic content and storytelling
Improvement of websites and online touchpoints
Continuous positioning and advertising
Digitization of communication
Promotional and training initiatives
CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
Social responsibility of the company
Business Strategy

Boost the evolutionary stages of your business

From business launch to expansion, we provide top decision-makers and their teams with timely insights to guide their choices, making them more secure and effective by better aligning with the evolving market needs.
For entrepreneurs and founders, administrators and CEOs, general and operational directors (COOs), CIOs, CTOs, strategy advisors, startup coaches, investors

Activities reinforced by insights

Customer discovery, business model, and unique value proposition (UVP)
Business plan and cyclic programming
MVP testing, execution, and product-market fit
Maintenance, steady growth, and scaling
Continuous innovation and positioning
Extraordinary events
Leadership and generational changes, M&A
Diversification and differentiation

Ensure continuous sales drive

Deep insights into customers and their evolutions become the foundation for your commercial decisions, from strategic management of distribution channels to enhancing operational supports such as sales pitches or physical and online store displays.
For sales directors, area managers, distribution partners, retail managers, ecommerce managers, sales agents and representatives, sales coaches, and consultants

Activities reinforced by insights

Sales strategy
Definition and development of sales channels
B2B and B2C research and lead generation
Analysis of needs of distribution partners
Sales network
Levers and unique selling propositions (USPs) for sales display and network management
CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
Integrated customer relationship management
Direct online sales, marketplaces, and social platforms
Retail sales, shops, and chains
Reinforcement of offering opportunities
Internationalisation and new markets
Product and R&D

Design solutions that stay on top

Improving existing products and services, creating new ones, making them truly useful and distinctive for customers are recurring challenges. You can overcome them with Sensify's insights by keeping the customer's updated vision at the centre of your design.
For product managers, R&D and innovation managers, product owners, project managers, user experience designers (UXDs), sustainability managers

Activities reinforced by insights

Continuous improvement of products and services
New products
Exploration and validation of prototypes
Revival of the product lifecycle
Technical comparison of competing solutions
Digital transformation
Digitization of products and services
UX (User Experience)
Development of user experience
Design for eco-compatibility
Customer care

Generate value with customer support

Post-sales of your products and services is an integral part of the customer experience and influences repurchases, loyalty, and referrals to potential customers. With our insights, you transform customer support into continuous value generation.
For customer service managers, customer loyalty managers, customer happiness managers, technical support managers

Activities reinforced by insights

Customer service
Customer assistance and care practices
Programming for loyalty and fidelity
Evolution of online help desk systems
Customer education
Reinforcement of perceived trust and value
FAQ e Bots
Development of frequently asked questions and AI assistants
Design and management of referrals

We include your key partners

Your suppliers and partners on projects are important. Like you, they cannot conduct qualitative research due to lack of perspective neutrality (bias), but you can always include them in sharing Sensify insights and enhance everyone's work.
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We have made high-quality research accessible.

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Expert listening
becomes your winning asset

Marketers and companies that believe in a deep relationship with their targets and choose to grow in harmony with their needs are more successful, longer. Professional and objective target listening is the first step.
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Sensify and linguistic inclusiveness
We believe in the values that inspire linguistic inclusiveness and we are convinced that it is essential for all people to feel represented with fair words. However, we are also aware that the current debate is an evolving process. For this reason, at the moment, on some website pages we still use the overextended masculine form while on others there are formulas more in line with some outcomes of the collective reflection on the topic. We will continue to closely follow the evolutions of language to arrive at an increasingly precise, uniform and respectful solution.