Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Certainly. Sensify offers exclusive information on targets: whether they are end consumers, professionals, companies or public administrations does not matter. Many of our subscribers have business targets and B2B relationships. They use Sensify to gain more exclusive, up-to-date and objective knowledge about their evolving expectations and needs.

Yes, Sensify also works with foreign markets. With a growing network of native-speaking collaborators operating in different countries, we support your internationalisation efforts with the major foreign languages, including English, French, Spanish, German, and more. You can always add the language package to your subscription.

No, it is not enough to inform your decisions and increase your results. Sectorial and quantitative reports, such as those provided by Nielsen, Gartner, or other traditional institutes, superficially address a few variables based on historical data. They do not investigate the breadth of needs and thoughts of your specific target market, nor do they have predictive power for the future. Additionally, these reports can be purchased by anyone and do not provide you with any exclusive advantage. They are not specific to your company, services, and products, but rather generic. For all of these reasons, there is Sensify.

You can easily cancel your subscription because Sensify offers a transparent and flexible subscription without constraints. We always strive to provide you with valuable and precious information that you would want to keep, but if you need to cancel, you can send a cancellation notice via registered mail or certified email (PEC) with at least 30-day’s notice from the expiration of the annual term, following the clear instructions provided in your subscription contract.

For each cyclical study, we create the corresponding qualitative sample for you, which is the most accurate selection of individuals representing the truly ideal profiles for producing maximum knowledge relevant to your goals. We dedicate not just a few moments but several hours of human interaction, followed by professional and in-depth analysis to each individual. This is what gives our qualitative research its unique breadth and predictive capability. Our research is qualitative, not quantitative. This means that we do not reduce people to a few variables but choose to analyse them in their real complexity (holistic view). Quantitative statistics use a few rigid and superficial questions, quickly processed by detached software, to try to generalise some conclusions that remain hypothetical and soon become outdated. While numbers and statistics are useful alarms, they are not capable of explaining the whys, hows, needs, and reasoning that constitute the most strategic knowledge for guiding your decisions. This is where our research comes into play.

Yes, just as we do for client markets, you can subscribe to Sensify to study and gain knowledge about internal groups such as employees, collaborators, partners, or other stakeholders of your business. Sensify's qualitative research allows you to accumulate knowledge over time about their thoughts and evolving expectations, using the same techniques used for your market's clients.

Your Sensify researcher will present the insights to you clearly and in-depth during the scheduled online meetings. Moreover, you can take the insights with you afterward by reviewing them on the app dedicated to you and your team. Our app is a mobile interface accessible from smartphones, allowing you to easily review the insights even after the online meetings, making research a truly accessible asset.

Expert listening
becomes your winning asset

Marketers and companies that believe in a deep relationship with their targets and choose to grow in harmony with their needs are more successful, longer. Professional and objective target listening is the first step.
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Sensify and linguistic inclusiveness
We believe in the values that inspire linguistic inclusiveness and we are convinced that it is essential for all people to feel represented with fair words. However, we are also aware that the current debate is an evolving process. For this reason, at the moment, on some website pages we still use the overextended masculine form while on others there are formulas more in line with some outcomes of the collective reflection on the topic. We will continue to closely follow the evolutions of language to arrive at an increasingly precise, uniform and respectful solution.